Blandy's Wine Lodge

Acquired in 1840 by Charles Ridpath Blandy, the Blandy's Wine Lodge has always been and is still an integral part of the production of Blandy's Madeira Wine.

Located in the center of Funchal, Blandy's Wine Lodge allows visitors to Madeira an opportunity to experience first hand Madeira Wine in the making. Our tours will guide you through some of the history of the wine, its development and evolution, as well as the opportunity to taste the various styles of Madeira.

Blandy's Madeira celebrated its bicentennial in 2011, the Blandy Wine Lodges give you a privileged perspective on 200 years of Madeira Wine.

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Available from Monday to Saturday, tours visit the various areas of the Lodge and are held in various languages. Discover why Madeira Wine is so special in a working wine lodge.

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Experience this world renowned wine in a unique atmosphere. From young wines to old vintages, enjoy the opportunity to savour this golden nectar, by the glass.




Madeira wine has a special place in History, throughout the world. An opportunity to discover and explore 200 years of madeira wine history.